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To Become a Volunteer

Africare Kinder Trust Organization believes in Changing A Life Today for a better tomorrow. Lets join hands and change the lives of those we can within our society. From the young ones, to the middle aged ones and the elderly in the society. “Alone We Go Fast, Together We Go Far.”
We believe we will be able to help and reach more people if you sign up and join us as a Volunteer.
By your help and support we shall be able to make more donations and divide ourselves into different groups for ease in accessibility to those who are most in need nearest to us.
If you wish to take part in this incredible life changing journey with us, kindly fill your details in the form attached below.

Volunteering will help both children and teachers develop new skills, build confidence, meet new people,

Read more about how volunteering can benefit you here.

Email to us your details and CV to

Call us on and ask to speak to the Volunteer team

Your charity volunteer work helps support our orphans and brings hope to orphan children in the areas worst affected by poverty.
Your continuous support volunteers helping the less fortunate ensures we can continue our work providing resources to orphans that need help.
We are grateful for all our volunteers who enable us to bring food, clothing, and warmth and provide access to education and medical care for our orphans.
Not able to volunteer or still not sure?
Head off to our Challenges page; it’s another great way to have fun and still be a part of the great Orphans in Need mission to provide real opportunities for some of the world’s poorest people.