Africare Kinder Trust


Africare Kinder Trust (AKT) has been spporting children with no homes and who are from the less fortunate families in the community for the last 10 years. The organization has done this by donnating foood, Cloths and learning materials.
Below are details of the children who need your support.

The boy is totally committed to his studies although facing financial constraints on his fee payment. The boy is needy.His parents are poor and depends on farming which is not reliable due to poor rainfalls . Any assistance offered to him will make him stay at school and study more harder to achieve his academic dreams.

She has a cheerful, affectionate character. She is a bright girl who is brought up by a single mother who does menial jobs to sustain her and her elder brother. Due to the nature of her mother’s job, she is unable to pay for and sustain them in school. Feeding them too has become challenging due to the aforementioned issues and the revenging effects of covid-19 that saw her use all her savings on sustenance.Her dream is becoming a doctor to help the society.

She is needy in the sense that she depends on her father only who does manual work to cater for her fees.She has 2 sisters who are in university thus fees paid by the same father.She is very good in class and her performance is impressive. Any assistance given to her will be highly appreciated.

Her parents got divorced hence she depends on her grandparents who does farming to cater for her fees. She has a sister who is in pre-unit. She is very good in class and her performance is very amazing. Any assistance given to her will be highly appreciated.Thanks

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