Africare Kinder Trust



AfroStreet Kollektions

Yvonne Odhiambo is a Kenyan Fashion entrepreneur cum model and founder of AfroStreet Kollektions having launched her career in 2013. Her unique approach of designing lively and colorful prints has earned her following including notable personalities who have recognized her for her celebration of African prints. Her signature designs, Attitude and Elegance, draw their inspiration […]

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Gift Shop

Africare Kinder Trust purposes to uplift the lives of the people living within the local communities around us.  Our organization does this by coming up with concept designs of the products that they want to sell to the community in order to raise funds to further the organization’s projects.   Talented and skilled individuals from the

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Dones Biergarten

Dones Biergarten form part of our Big Donors and Supporters. The Restaurant is located in Ulm,Germany. It usually holds an annual barbecue luncheon on the 24th of December. The luncheon is usually extended to friends, family and clients who want to enjoy a plate of tasty barbecue meals. The clients show up and support the

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Chrispin Mwangale , better known to his musical fans as Bigpin, is one of the pioneers of Urban Hip Hop and Kapuka sounds in Kenya. His craft revolutionized radio play and television entertainment to the digital era and saw the en masse migration of Kenyan music lovers from western music genres to local music. The

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