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Africare Kinder Trust purposes to uplift the lives of the people living within the local communities around us. 
Our organization does this by coming up with concept designs of the products that they want to sell to the community in order to raise funds to further the organization’s projects.  
Talented and skilled individuals from the local communities then transform the designs into the actual products. 
Some of these products include but are not limited to:
Crochet dolls and baskets which are handmade by a community of local women from Uganda and a young Kenyan girl.
Leather bags which are handmade by a local man from Kiambu County in Kenya.
The beading work is done by a talented lady known as Tina from Kenya. Her beading business is a way for her to earn money and put food on the table for herself and her children.
To see more of her work click the link
We strive to uplift the people in the communities by creating employment opportunities.
Support our cause for a better tomorrow by purchasing any of our gift shop products.
Click  the link below for an over view of all our products.

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